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6 Stunning Kitchen Transformations

Tired of your old kitchen? Find inspiration with these amazing renovations.

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Pro Tips for Cleaning up Pet Stains

Learn tricks of the trade for cleaning up any situation left behind by your four-legged friends.


Why Pergo Belongs in Your Basement

Installing a floor below grade presents special challenges. Learn how to make the best choice.

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Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary From the Floor Up

Make your bedroom a relaxing place of refuge by starting with the perfect floor first.

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The Dog Lover’s Guide to Choosing a Floor

Considering these things before shopping will make life easier for dog owners.


Spruce Up Your Home with the Color of the Year

Here are a few ways to let Pantone’s Color of the Year breathe a little life into your home.


Best Laminate Flooring for Your Kitchen

From your sense of style to your lifestyle, here are helpful considerations for choosing your next kitchen floor.

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5 Secrets for More Beautiful Laminate Floors

Get the inside scoop on how to keep a new floor looking that way for decades to come.


Using Floor Samples to Find Your Dream Look

Useful tips for deciding which floor makes the most sense in your home.