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8 Must-Know Tips for Keeping Pergo Hardwood Flooring Gorgeous


Once you’ve installed Pergo hardwood in your home, figuring out how to keep them beautiful for years to come is probably heavy on your mind. After all, installing hardwood flooring is an investment you want to last a long, long time. Thankfully, Pergo hardwood is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, so there’s not much legwork involved. Here is our list of must-know tips for keeping your Pergo hardwood flooring looking as good as the day you brought it home.  


June Blog_Hardwood_bleckley oak

Pergo Lifestyles Bleckly Oak


Vacuum or Sweep Regularly

This might seem obvious, but routine vacuuming and sweeping are vital for protecting hardwood floors. Dirt, debris, sand and gravel can easily be tracked inside, potentially leading to scratches and dents on your hardwood. So make sure you’re vacuuming and sweeping on a regular basis. Also remember that vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush head can damage your wood flooring. Check your vacuum to make sure it’s properly equipped before you start cleaning.


Rotate Furniture and Rugs

Like all good looks, hardwood’s looks fade too, but prevention doesn’t take much. Simply moving your furniture and rugs every few months will ensure that different areas of the floor are equally exposed to sunlight. You don’t have to give your room a makeover, but rearranging only a few pieces of furniture can do the trick.


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Pergo American Era Frontier Maple


Install felt pads on furniture feet

Before you start moving furniture around, install felt pads on the feet to prevent scratches. It’s easy to forget that even scooting a couch over a smidge could damage your hardwood floors. You can find felt pads at your nearest Lowe’s or The Home Depot in two styles: stick-on or tap-in. But if you decide to move furniture without them, then be sure to lift and not push to avoid scratching.


Throw Some Shade

Moving furniture and rugs out of the question? Then keep drapes or shapes closed during the hottest hours of the day to avoid prolonged UV exposure from fading your hardwood. Placing plants in front of your home’s windows offers great shade as well.


June Blog_Hardwood_outerbanks oak_1200x800

Pergo Max Hardwood Outer Banks Oak

Leave the Mop in the Closet

If this is your first time living with hardwood, then you might not realize how damaging a simple wet mop can be. From warping to twisting to swelling, excessive moisture from a wet mop can do more harm than good. (Check out Pergo’s waterproof laminate flooring if water damage is all you’re worried about.) It’s best to avoid it and stick with a dust mop or cotton cloth.


Get Stylish With Rugs and Mats

Placing stylish area rugs throughout your home like in hallways and entryways can protect your hardwood floors from heavy foot traffic, preserving their original beauty. Plus it complements your beautiful Pergo floors nicely.


It’s also a good idea to place doormats at every door where hardwood is installed. A simple “Welcome Home” doormat can reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked inside from everyone’s shoes.


Trim Your Best Friend’s Nails

No, not that best friend, your four-legged best friend. Making sure your pet’s nails are trimmed and filed every month will prevent scratches from leaving their mark on your hardwood. This is especially important to remember if you own a larger breed, as their claws can do more damage due to the added weight.


June Blog_Hardwood_natural maple_1200x800-1

Pergo Max Hardwood Natural Maple

Plug in the Dehumidifier

If you live in areas of the country with high humidity levels, then consider using a dehumidifier during the hot summer months to reduce wood shrinkage and humidity. Check your nearest Lowe’s or The Home Depot to find a large selection of humidifiers in different sizes and price points.


After following these tips, you should feel confident in knowing the secrets to protecting your Pergo hardwood floor from whatever life throws at it. Hardwood maintenance isn’t as difficult as you might think, plus it helps that Pergo is designed with durability in mind. Just remember to stay away from wet mops and be consistent with vacuuming and sweeping.


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