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How to Choose the Right Floor Style: Color, Texture and Finish

Floor styles: how to choose

How-to Insider

Real Pergo Transformations Part 2: Before and After

Pergo can upgrade any style at home.


Underlayment: Here’s what you need to know before installing Pergo

Pergo’s guide on everything underlayment for your floors.

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Real Pergo Transformations: Before and After

Pergo transforms any room.


Dust Off: Which Dust Mop Should You Choose for Pergo Laminate?

Maintenance Insider

The Best Ways to Repair Scratches on Your Pergo Laminate Floor

Maintenance How-to

8 Must-Know Tips for Keeping Pergo Hardwood Flooring Gorgeous


Why Installing Pergo is The Perfect DIY Project For Your Home

Why Installing Pergo is the perfect DIY project


Official Debut of Our New Tiny House Floors

Ch-ch-changes! A Pergo Renovation Story.

Friends of Pergo How-to

Five Summer Activities Kids Can Totally Get Away With On Pergo Outlast+

Pergo Outlast+ flooring is the perfect floor for kids.

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How to Choose Between Hardwood and Laminate

Learn how to choose between hardwood and laminate flooring.

How-to Style Maintenance

Four Reasons Why Pergo Laminate Flooring is a Smart Investment

Discover the long-term value of Pergo laminate flooring.


April Showers: How to Help Your Floors Survive the Rainy Season

How to keep laminate flooring dry during April showers.

How-to Maintenance

4 Reasons To Have Waterproof Laminate Flooring In Your Home

Pergo waterproof technology stands up to life’s messes.


Getting Your Floors Ready for Spring

Chase away winter blues with these springtime floor cleaning tips.

Maintenance How-to

Top 5 Do's and Don'ts of Caring for Hardwood

The do’s and don’ts to keep hardwood beautiful.

Maintenance How-to

Top Flooring Trends For 2018: Find The Trend That Matches Your Style

Explore the latest flooring trends with help from Pergo.

Style Trends

How to Decorate with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

Decorating your home with Ultra Violet.

By the Room How-to Style

Top Water-Resistant Flooring for Your Bathroom

Thinking about installing new floors for your bathroom? Try water-resistant laminate floors.

By the Room

6 Ways to Protect your Pergo Floor Against Scratches

Keep your Pergo laminate looking as good as new with these helpful tips.


Preparing Your Floors for the Winter

Are your hardwood floors prepared for the elements of winter? Find out how you can properly care for your floors to keep them gorgeous.

How-to Maintenance

10 Creative Uses of Laminate on the Wall

Here are some innovative ideas for applying laminate to the walls of your home.

By the Room Style How-to

How to Clean your Floors after the Holidays

Discover how to really clean after holiday parties


6 Stunning Kitchen Transformations

Tired of your old kitchen? Find inspiration with these amazing renovations.

By the Room

Pro Tips for Cleaning up Pet Stains

Learn tricks of the trade for cleaning up any situation left behind by your four-legged friends.


Why Pergo Laminate Belongs in Your Basement

Installing a floor below grade presents special challenges. Learn how to make the best choice.

By the Room

Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary From the Floor Up

Make your bedroom a relaxing place of refuge by starting with the perfect floor first.

By the Room

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Choosing a Floor

Considering these things before shopping will make life easier for dog owners.


Spruce Up Your Home with the Color of the Year

Here are a few ways to let Pantone’s Color of the Year breathe a little life into your home.


Best Laminate Flooring for Your Kitchen

From your sense of style to your lifestyle, here are helpful considerations for choosing your next kitchen floor.

By the Room

5 Secrets for More Beautiful Laminate Floors

Get the inside scoop on how to keep a new floor looking that way for decades to come.


Using Floor Samples to Find Your Dream Look

Useful tips for deciding which floor makes the most sense in your home.