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How to Choose the Right Floor Style: Color, Texture and Finish

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Once you’ve decided between laminate, hardwood or engineered hardwood, it’s time to consider style. Pergo offers a range of different aesthetic choices for each of its floors, from light to dark colors to hand-scraped to wire-brushed textures. So it’s important that you explore all of your options to ensure you get the floor with the right look and feel for your home. We’ll go over a few important things to consider to help you make the right choice.


Blog_color and texture_ThornburyOak_1200x800 (1)

Pergo Outlast+ Thornbury Oak

Start with some color

Is your room large, or is it small? If you’re installing a new floor in a large living room and feel that it’s too open, then you’ll want to consider dark planks. That’s because darker colors give off the illusion that a space is smaller than it actually is. It’s perfect if you want to add some drama and make a room feel cozy. Check out chestnut and dark oak floors when you want to bring some darker feel into your home.


If your space is small, then you’ll want to go light. Lighter colors tend to open up smaller areas, making them feel big and airy. The light hue can also brighten up a room, which is something else to keep in mind if you have darker colored furniture. Look for maple and cream oak floors to get that lighter tone.


Blog_color and texture_SanMarco_1200x800 (1)

Pergo MAX Premier San Marco Oak


Remember that natural lighting will also affect how a floor looks. That’s why it’s important to order a few samples and test them out at home during different times of the day. Place each sample in the room you want to install the floor in, then check on it in the morning, afternoon and evening. You might be surprised by how much lighting can change the floor’s original color. 


Think about the plank visual

After choosing a color, you’ll want to decide on its texture. This not only affects the floor’s appearance but also how it feels under your feet. Pergo offers several plank textures to choose from, with some exclusive to laminate or hardwood.


Smooth: Laminate/Hardwood

Smooth is a plain texture that doesn’t feature ridges or detailed wood graining. It’s the standard texture for laminate and is easier to clean.


Textured: Laminate

This look features a manufactured raised grain that feels like real wood. If you’re in love with the feel of hardwood but want the durability of laminate, then textured flooring is for you.


Handscraped: Laminate/Hardwood

This one resembles the natural look of real wood, but it’s handscraped to add more detail and visual interest. If your style is rustic, then handscraped might be for you.


Wirebrushed: Hardwood

Only available in hardwood, Wirebrushed flooring has been worn down to achieve a worn and aged look. All the wood’s flaws are exposed, contributing to its natural beauty.


Blog_color and texture_NorthernBlondeMaple_1200x800 (1)Pergo Outlast+ Northern Blonde Maple

Finish Your Search

The last thing to consider is the floor’s finish and the amount of sheen for each. Pergo offers three main finishes, each with unique qualities. It’s important to note that not all finishes are available on every plank visual, so keep that in mind as you decide on a finish. 



Perfect if you have kids or pets, this finish does a great job at hiding dirt, scratches, and imperfections thanks to its low sheen level. While not as vibrant as a gloss finish, you’ll appreciate its easy to clean appearance. It’s ideal for the country style or European look.



If you want your floor to really pop, then a gloss finish is for you. With a high level of sheen, you’ll notice every detail in your floor’s appearance and feel like there’s a heavenly glow coming from it. However, this glossy look also exposes imperfections and dirt, so expect to clean more. This finish is perfect for a modern style.


Blog_color and texture_Chestnut Brown_1200x800 (1)

Pergo Outlast+ Chestnut Brown


The satin finish could be considered the best of both worlds. The sheen level isn’t as high as a gloss finish, so light isn’t reflected as much to expose any scratches. And like the matte finish, it’s still easy to clean. This finish works well in most settings, specifically a classic one.


Now that you have a better idea of what floor style to choose, check out Pergo’s full lineup of floors.

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