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Real Pergo Transformations: Before and After


The floor really can make a difference inside your home. To prove it, here are a few photos of our favorite before and after room transformations featuring select Pergo flooring styles (sold only at Lowe’s) from real Pergo customers. They each gave their space a makeover by installing new Pergo flooring, and the finished results are gorgeous. We’ll break down each transformation and highlight a few of the floor’s greatest features.


Prepare to be inspired.




FLOOR: Pergo Max Premier Smoked Chestnut

USER: interior49 / Jessie


You might have to do a double take after looking at this before and after photo from Instagram user Jessie. She went with Pergo Max Premier Smoked Chestnut to add a darker tone to her kitchen. Complemented by freshly painted white cabinetry, she was able to capture the modern style perfectly with the laminate floor's rich, smoky brown color.


The floor also has a satin finish, which brings out the embossed cross-sawn texture, further adding to its visually striking surface. And because all Pergo Max Premier floors feature ScratchGuard Advanced surface protection, the floor resists scuffs and scratches – a great fit for the kitchen!


We love the transformation, Jessie!


Learn more about Pergo Max Premier Smoked Chestnut: https://na.pergo.com/flooring/laminate/pergo-max-premier/smoked-chestnut




FLOOR: Pergo TimberCraft +WetProtect Wheaton Oak

USER: houselarsbuilt / Brittany Jespen


There comes a time when one realizes that carpet isn’t their style anymore. That time came for Instagram user Brittany when she decided to forgo her living room’s carpet and replace it with Pergo TimberCraft +WetProtectWheaton Oak laminate flooring.


Wheaton Oak features knots and graining that mimic the look of solid wood. This makes it a natural companion to greenery and green colored furniture. Another great feature, besides its natural beauty, is that select Pergo TimberCraft floors use WetProtect™ technology, making it completely waterproof against spills, splashes and pet accidents. So people like Brittany never have to worry about spills during game night if things get too wild. 


Awesome job, Brittany! You nailed the look!


Learn more about Pergo TimberCraft +WetProtect Wheaton: https://na.pergo.com/flooring/laminate/pergo-timbercraft-wetprotect/wheaton-oak




FLOOR: Pergo Portfolio Modern Oak

USER: kms.home / Kandra


Everyone’s style changes, or in this case, grows into something new. Shedding the green walls and the old carpet, Instagram user Kandra went with a new coat of paint and installed Pergo Portfolio Modern Oak to give her nursery a contemporary refresh. And the results are incredible.


Featuring warm beige hues, the Modern Oak floor complements neutral and brown tones, so it pairs nicely with natural colored furniture like chests and baby cribs found in this room scene. We also love the way the floor looks with an area rug – it’s creamy tones add a slight contrast to the rug’s lighter color.


With innovative technology to help make installation easier and a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty, Pergo Portfolio Modern Oak is ready to help you find your new style just like Kandra found her own. 


Great work, Kandra!


Learn more about Portfolio Modern Oak: https://na.pergo.com/flooring/laminate/pergo-portfolio/modern-oak


Now that you’ve seen for yourself just how much installing a new floor in a room can drastically change its style, you’re probably feeling inspired for your next project. Before choosing a floor, just remember that its style, color, and texture all play a large role in the makeup of your home’s overall look. Plus, you'll want to consider the floor's features to ensure it's a match for your lifestyle at home. Also, remember that these featured Pergo flooring styles are only sold at Lowe’s. Once you consider these factors, have fun finding the perfect floor for your home just like our featured Pergo customers did here.



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