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Real Pergo Transformations Part 2: Before and After


When it comes to finding your style is there such a thing as too much inspiration? We don’t think so. That’s why we’re doing another round of our favorite before and after room transformations featuring select Pergo flooring styles (sold only at The Home Depot) from real Pergo customers.


Like last time, we’ll break down each transformation and highlight why the new Pergo floors work. Plus, we’ll touch on a few incredible features that come with each Pergo floor so you’ll have a better idea of which one works best for your lifestyle at home.


So once more… prepare to be inspired.





FLOOR: Pergo XP Southern Grey Oak

HANDLE: @addyeb_art / A’Driane Nieves


If you’re serious about renovating a room, then why not go all out and give it the makeover you’ve been dreaming about? It appears that’s what A’Driane did to her living room, and we can’t get over this room transformation.


Before, A’Driane’s living room had an obtrusive kitchen island that took up space and made it hard to navigate and, you could say ‘live’ in. The room’s white walls didn’t help either.


By removing the island and installing Pergo XP Southern Grey Oak, A’Driane was able to create more space and give her living room a welcoming feel. Plus, the new accent wall breaks up the room’s original monotone look.


Southern Grey Oak’s ultra-realistic wood grain finish complements just about anything you put or don’t put on it, especially if you’re going for a minimalist look like A’Driane did. The laminate floor also features PermaMax surface protection that makes it double the durability of ordinary laminates. And because of that,  A’Driane won’t have to think about another makeover for a long, long time.


Incredible work, A’Driane!


Learn more about Pergo XP Souther Grey Oak here.






FLOOR: Pergo Outlast+ Molasses Maple

HANDLE: @snazzylittlethings / Jeannette


Perfecting the office study is an art. An art you’ll want to study after seeing this office transformation.


It didn’t take much for Instagram user Jeannette to give her office space a modern update. She installed new Pergo Outlast+ Molasses Maple flooring to create a thought-provoking atmosphere – perfect for those looking to catch up on work or unwind over a glass of red wine – without having to do much of anything else.


Molasses Maple features a dark stained maple with an espresso tone complemented by a beautiful satin sheen, while detailed edge chatter and pillowed bevels add to its rustic and authentically worn look. Another great feature this floor offers is its SpillProtect technology that makes it waterproof for life. So if Jeannette does treat herself to some after-hours wine, she won’t have to think twice about spills.


We love it, Jeannette!


Learn more about Pergo Outlast+ Molasses Maple here.






FLOOR: Pergo Outlast+ Vintage Pewter Oak

HANDLE: @happydaisy1211 / Pamela


Hard work pays off. That’s especially true for Instagram user Pamela, who went down the DIY path to completely transform her dining room into what looks like a page ripped from a home décor magazine. 


Choosing the farmhouse style, Pamela repainted her kitchen white and replaced the floors with new Pergo Outlast+ Vintage Pewter Oak laminate. This floor does an exceptional job at replicating the feel of country style living. Featuring an inviting warm grey neutral color complemented by a satin gloss finish, it works well against white backdrops and rustic furniture, such as Pamela’s brown dining bench.


And because Pergo Outlast+ is waterproof for life, it’s the perfect floor for your kitchen and dining room. It also features SurfaceDefense™ wear protection, so there’s an extra layer of durability against scruffs and scratches. Basically, Pamela can enjoy a well-deserved meal in her gorgeous new kitchen without ever having to worry about spilling or dropping anything on it.


Incredible job, Pamela!


Learn more about Pergo Outlast+ Vintage Pewter Oak here.


Feeling inspired again? After seeing beautiful room transformations like these, it’s only natural. Remember, each of these featured floors can only be found at The Home Depot, online or in store. So now that you’ve seen for yourself how one floor can make a difference, why not tackle the DIY project you’ve been dreaming about? Who knows.. maybe your room transformation will be featured in our Pergo blog!


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