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Underlayment: Here’s what you need to know before installing Pergo

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After you’ve decided on the perfect Pergo floor for your home, it’s important to find out if you will need underlayment when installing your new floors. Some Pergo floors come with underlayment already attached, which makes things easy. However, for most Pergo floors you’ll need to purchase underlayment separately.


But wait one second…


What exactly is underlayment? And why do you need it? We’ll answer these questions and more with this quick guide that’ll brief you on everything underlayment.


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Pergo Outlast+ Southport Oak

What is underlayment?

Underlayment is a thin foam layer that goes between your subfloor and your new floor. After removing your original floor, you’ll lay the underlayment on top of the subfloor and then install your new floors over it. Essentially, underlayment acts as a cushion between subfloor and floor. It also offers many more benefits, which we’ll get into next.


Do I really need it?

Yes! If your Pergo floors do not come with underlayment, then it’s important that you purchase it and lay it over your subfloor before installing your new Pergo floor.

If you don’t add underlayment to your Pergo floors, you’ll violate the floor’s warranty.


To break it down, here are the main reasons you need underlayment:


  • Provides support – Underlayment allows floors, such as laminate, to float, giving the floor’s locking system support while also smoothing minor subfloor imperfections.
  • Reduces noise – Whether it’s your dog’s claws clicking downstairs or your kids running around upstairs, underlayment absorbs impact better while also serving as a sound barrier.
  • Protects from moisture – If areas inside your home are often exposed to water, then having underlayment with a built in moisture barrier will protect the floor from moisture.
  • Softens the floor – Underlayment will give a little extra padding to your floors, making it softer to walk on, especially when barefoot.
  • Increases the floor’s life – Because underlayment properly supports Pergo flooring , you can expect it to last longer while staying beautiful.

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Pergo Max Premier Silver Mist Oak


What if my floor already has underlayment?

If underlayment is already included with your new Pergo floor, then you don’t necessarily need to buy additional underlayment. However, you can buy more depending on what floor you’re installing and where you’re installing it.


For instance, a subfloor in a basement might require extra underlayment to protect it from moisture damage. Ask a Pergo professional at your local retailer to find out if your underlament has moisture protection or how you can add it to your floor.


Wait, what about a moisture/vapor barrier?

If your floor is concrete, then you will more than likely need to purchase a separate moisture/vapor barrier to protect it from, well, moisture. However, some moisture/vapor barriers are included with underlayment, such as Pergo Gold. Again, always check the product’s specs to ensure that it’s included.


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Pergo Outlast+ Antique Cherry


So what underlayment should I get?

While there are many different underlayment options out there, Pergo makes things easy by offering a one-size-fits-all underlayment for laminate and locking engineered hardwood flooring. Pergo Gold is an easy-to-install premium underlayment made out of foam that features industry leading moisture protection and sound insulation.


In fact, if you have Pergo laminate, the underlayment will make your floors sound more like solid hardwood. It also smooths minor subfloor imperfections that help ensure your floor is laid correctly. If you’re interested in learning more about Pergo Gold or you’re ready to buy it, visit Lowe’s online or in person at a store near you.


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Pergo Max Premiere Amber Chestnut


How do I install Pergo Gold?

Pergo Gold underlayment can be installed in 5 steps, either by you or a professional.


Download the Pergo Gold installation guide on our website.


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